I want to continue to act as long as I can: Nidhi Subbaiah- The New Indian Express

By | June 11, 2021

By Express News Service

Nidhi Subbaiah begins her day with a song, which has been her ritual post waking up. This is something she has got used to after staying in the Bigg Boss house for 72 days.

The main intention to participate in the reality show for the actor, who has acted in films like Anna Bond and Pancharangi, was to let people know that she is right here and not in Mumbai.

“I came back last year before the lockdown. Before that I was in New York. I am currently in Mysuru and plan to shift to Bengaluru to stay closer to the film industry,” says Nidhi, adding that the Bigg Boss Kannada show has given her a different kind of fame, and people have connected with her on a personal level.

“It is overwhelming to hear from people across Karnataka calling me the ‘Pancharangi Girl’.”

“Especially in Kodagu, they now consider me as ‘Nangada Nidhi’ (our girl). Moreover, this Bigg Boss house has taught me some life lessons — how to deal with pressure, anger and frustration. I learnt to be disciplined — sleeping and waking up on time, something that had gone haphazard previously. I’ve also learnt to cook and eat simple food without having to order in junk food all the time. It has made a difference to my lifestyle, and I hope to continue these habits,” she says, adding that the show also gave her seven good friends, whom she hopes to stay connected with.

The actor, who started her career in Sandalwood, got an opportunity to work in a handful of Hindi films.

However, Nidhi says that she was never attracted by Bombay and the only reason for her move to Hindi films was because she wasn’t getting the kind of work she wanted in Kannada.

“When I was shooting for Anna Bond in Bangalore was when I signed two Hindi films. I felt Bollywood was calling, and as an actor, I thought I should give it a try. I did 6 to 7 films, which helped me expand,” she says.

Back to Sandalwood, Nidhi — who was last seen in Shivarajkumar- starrer Ayushman Bhava that featured her in a pivotal role — is now waiting to begin her next project. This will be her first horror film, which will be bankrolled by Lohith H’s Friday Films, and will be helmed by debutant directors Pavan and Prasad.

“It is a fantastic script, and can’t wait to begin,” says Nidhi, adding, “Staying inside in the Bigg Boss house, I had no idea about the Covid goings- on. I was planning to begin shooting post my exit from the house. We were in for a shock when we were shown clippings of what’s happening. Now, we have to wait for the situation to come under control to start any entertainment activities,” she says.

Nidhi, who loves acting, says given an opportunity she would like to sign 100 films and act till she can.

“I love acting, and the time between ‘action’ and ‘cut’ is like a moment of meditation for me. It is my favourite time when I forget everything and get into the skin of the character,” says the actor.

“I hope to be a part of the role that Taapsee Pannu plays in Thappad, or Pink,” she adds. The audience as well as the film fraternity have watched Nidhi up and close in the Bigg Boss house. Will it make a difference to the kind of roles she will be offered from now on?

“My director friends who watched me on the show say I was bold, straightforward, and didn’t use tactics. That’s how I am in real life — frank and bold. Now that people have seen me, directors too know what I am capable of. This might help fetch roles that fit my personality,” she says.

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