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By | June 9, 2021

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Ravichandran celebrated his 60th birth day on Sunday. A day before the celebrations, the showman of Sandalwood, known for his creativity and out-of-the-box ideas, came up with an innovative video which was a gift to his fans. Calling it ‘reel world’, the video, which is filled with words and visionary quotes, gave an update of his future projects. From a project with Ravi Boppan na in 2021 to a host of other works in 2022, Ravichandran is working on a range of films, many of which have unusual titles.

Take, for instance, God which goes with the tagline ‘The stone hearted’. The title of his other project is Sixty — Living in the Past, and his third is Bad Boys — 3 In addition, he has also completed Giriraj’s Kannadiga which is ready for release. Ravichandran will begin shooting for Drishyam 2 as and when the lockdown is lifted. He will be associating with director S Mahendar for a yet-to-be-titled film. ‘‘I believe in valuing words which I have brought out through this video. Each quote mentioned has two phrases and comes with two different meanings. Sadly, people have lost patience to even go through things and understand. People replied to me with emoticons,” says Ravichandran.

God and Sixty

The actor-director throws light on his upcoming three projects, which are currently being worked on. “My upcoming films might have some philosophical message but the making will be commercial — something that will linger in the minds of viewers,” he says, adding, “Post Ravi Boppanna’s release, I will simultaneously be working on God and Sixty. While I have finalised the female lead as Pawana for Sixty, I am scouting a heroine for my other film, God,” he says. As for Bad Boys – 3 in 1, the commercial entertainer will see the father and his sons — Manoranjan and Vikram — sharing screen space for the first time.

Working with children

Ask Ravichandran whether both his sons are getting involved in the script and direction, and he says a firm ‘no’. “That will never happen, they will only listen to me,” he says with a chuckle. “This is the first time they are sitting and discussing with me and probably it’s because of the lockdown. Otherwise, they don’t sit near me. I also want them to learn on their own. But I must say that I am dominating,” admits Ravichandran.

‘If I have a rupee in my pocket, I will begin shooting tomorrow’

Like other industries, the cinema industry too is struggling. As Ravichandran says, “The industry is looking for work not food kits. I understand there are a few people who are finding it difficult, but most of them want work.I find distributing food kits insulting. On top of that, most are doing it for publicity. If you are doing charity, do it… why do you need to publicise it. All of this is an eyewash,” he says, adding that the lockdown should have been implemented earlier in April. “If the government wants people to stay indoors, they should step out to help those in need. When politicians can come out to pay for votes, why not now?,” he questions. “I am a person, If I get one rupee in hand, I will begin shooting tomorrow. This
lockdown has put everything on hold,” he adds.

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