How to improve college education? and Measures to be taken!

In India education (either college education or school education)comes under the concurrent lists, so it falls under the three categories like central, local, and state ) and private colleges. Under different posts of the Indian Constitution, compulsory and free schooling is given as a basic right to kids aged 6 to 14.

  1. Rote learning
    While we know that IB schools are changing the education system at their degree(college education), but we also should see that the people that go to IB schools are very limited in nature.

Not everyone can manage the education system which they offer. Hence, the government should take the baton in their hands and eliminate rote learning from the schools at all of the levels.

The schools have to be invited to present conceptual learning which averts students to mug up exactly what they are being educated. While this will help pupils to understand the concepts better, they’ll also have the ability to retain and employ them better.

  1. Evaluation system
    Marks still continue to play with the main card in determining the future of kids and this often boils upon students as a burdening variable. The pressure of marks often leaves students to underperform.

  1. Instead of focusing the test on a three-hour examination, the focus of examination should be classroom participation by a student, projects, communication and leadership abilities and extra-curricular pursuits.

Only then will the students give their best and be appraised at their best.

  1. Equal respect to all of the subjects
    We continue to survive in the education system where science flow topples the stream hierarchy. Pupils are pushed to become a machine that only goes for high-profile subjects and subjects like communications, languages, arts have been looked down and aren’t considered high-profile

Students should rather be pushed to pursue the topic they prefer rather than developing a differentiation between subjects.

  1. Better training of teachers
    Teachers play with the most essential part in universities and hence, they need to be given the very best of class instruction. In the end, they’re shaping the future of the country, the kids. Teachers are often considered as second parents.

Thus, they ought to be imparted their training in a way that they can function as parents to the kids away from their houses.

While teaching, they should create a congenial and home-like atmosphere where students can feel the compassion and enjoy from the classroom and which can subsequently be reflected in their own behaviors.

  1. Intro of technology in college education
    We are living the renaissance of technology and in this country, education and technology systems
    can’t be kept apart.

Pupils have to be taught about technology directly from the first years of their schooling so that it does not come like an alien thing in their subsequent times.

Indian colleges need to adopt education and technology with an open heart and disperse the exact same to the students since it is there, where their future lies.

  1. Personalize education
    Indian education needs to understand that the absorption power of each student cannot be the same. Therefore, the teaching method cannot stay the exact same for every student in a class of 30.

Some students have quicker learning speed and some are slow. Teachers must have a keen eye on celebrating each of their students.

  1. Teach them the purpose of schooling
    Our education system is still having the characteristics of what Hawaiian teachers inbuilt. Instruction is not always about turning into a big, rich individual. It ought to be about humanism.

Students also have to be taught in-depth regarding the morals of lifestyle and inculcated with humanistic values. They should be taught that life is much beyond cash and success isn’t measured in money.

If the Indian education system begins taking these points into serious consideration, we can attain the level of the best education system in the world.

It is high that we as a country, start accepting education above the moderate level that we have been engrained with and perceive schooling out of the holistic approach.

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