How to Get Full 360 Marks in Biology Section

By | June 5, 2021

The biology section constitutes 90 questions in the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) – half of the entire medical entrance exam. Biology constitutes 360 marks in the exam which is equal to both chemistry and physics combined. This is evident of the fact that biology is the most important segment of the exam. Having a specific for biology is a must to crack NEET.

Revise & Re-Revise, but don’t get trapped

Biology is the easiest and the lengthiest section in NEET. It entails a plethora of information; therefore, it also demands oodles of revision as compared to other subjects. Undoubtedly, it is imperative to focus on few yet authentic and relevant books that make the revision easier and result in maximum retention.

More often than not, the biology segment seems a bit more comprehensible to most of the NEET aspirants, which allows students to go into the depths of the subject, which is seldom required. Thus, avoid wasting time and devote a reasonable amount of time to other subjects as well.

How to Create Self-Notes

Try to remember the years of invention and the numbers of particular things like biodiversity park hotspot areas, exceptions, and examples given in your NCERT book by making notes of such information on one or two pages in the notebook.

It would be best if you used mnemonic for types of information. Do remember some topics in the biology section like the molecular basis of inheritance and evolution, which needs more time to understand, therefore devote the specific time needed for such issues. Most significantly, and if possible, draw all the diagrams of the Biology book in your notebook by hand so that you can attempt the questions which are diagram-based with more accuracy, and believe me, it will also make your concepts stronger.

On the same line, it’s good to practice the questions with the timer at your side. Practice questions from authentic sources. Many online and offline platforms contain questions that are not related to the syllabus. Know your syllabus well before relying on any source. You can find the same in the previous year’s NEET brochure of 2020.

Important Topics

Focus on some of the important and most commonly asked topics in NEET, which are: Cell, Human Reproduction, Reproductive Health Digestion and Breathing from Zoology section, Plant Respiration, Biological Classification, Molecular Basis of Inheritance and Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants from Botany section, detailed analysis of previous years’ papers and patterns.

Attempting Biology Section

Have a strong presence of mind. It’s vital to read the questions thoroughly before attempting them while preparing and taking the exam. Even the slightest error in the words like ‘not’ or ‘not too’ or fault while going through the options provided could lead to a change in answer. The students attempt Biology in the first hour in the final NEET exam as the mind is fresh and psychologically, the concentration power is relatively high in the initial 40 minutes. Henceforth, stay calm and devoid of being in a hurry.

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