How does Vipassana help with Covid-19 treatment?

Vipassana is a unique and noble form of meditation which is beneficial at any age. It has been passed down from ancient times and spread all over the world. The simplicity and effectiveness of this meditation system gives great benefits in a very short period of time.

Vipassana is a technique of meditation discovered by Gotama Buddha. It’s a simple and logical technique that helps the students to learn how to live happily in an often stressful and confusing world. It has helped millions of people over the past 2500 years.

This technique of self-observation that allows you to experience the reality of your existence. If practiced regularly, this technique leads to significant reductions in stress and development of traits like better concentration and emotional balance.

The participant will be taught the Vipassana technique which includes mediation using a support of persons who have done retreats before. This technique is simple and effective and can be learnt independently from any person by practice. The goal of Vipassana is to enable you to develop and utilize the natural resources already within you. This doesn’t mean that you will lose your natural resources, but rather that they will be brought under your control.

 The idea is for you to live in harmony with yourself and the environment around you. From this point of view, there is no conflict between any person and his or her environment. However, if we were to understand this practice as something merely external, it would not make sense to us. Since Vipassana is a purely experiential discipline, when we come into contact with impermanence

How does it help to cure negative  or disorientations in our life during crisis times

  • Vipassana is the solution for people suffering from mental and physical problems. This form of meditation will make your mind cool, calm, and serene.
  • Vipassana treatment will also help to keep your mind and body strong. It is very useful for people who are suffering from drug addiction problems such as alcohol or other hard drugs.
  • It strengthens concentration power as well as mindfulness making it easier to observe your mind and body from a distance as if you are witnessing an event as a third person
  • It makes the patient think positive and ethically about his disease and future life
  • It helps to deal with personal problems associated with the treatment by providing an opportunity to get rid of all psychological, emotional, physical, and mental problems
  • Vipassana technique will help the patient to concentrate only on the body and mental sensations of the disease by attending only to the sensation in his body.
  • It gives us the right frame of mind to face whatever we are going through
  • Practicing Vipassana gives us the strength to face our problems head-on
  • It purifies your mind and soul by eliminating hidden negative emotions like anger, love, hate, etc.
  • It strengthens concentration power as well as mindfulness making it easier to observe your mind and body from a distance as if you are witnessing an event as a third person

When using Vipassana Meditation to treat Covid-19, the patient is required to sit through the silent meditation for an extended period of time, in a small room. Patients sit cross-legged on their cushions with the back straight at all times during this process. Through this many people ascertain that all of their thought patterns are put on pause, giving them ample time to think about the state they are in and how it may be possible to change it.

In  this way it helps us control our emotions and which in turn have ripple effect on different organs of our which are in silos with Hypertension, Diabetic hormones, Migraine,  Deep Breathing . All our body organs  functions extremely well when we are  peaceful and carrying a tranquil mindset,  There is no Dearth of Words to write about Vipassana but I limit myself to end here.

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“Bhavathu sabba Mangalam” (May all the beings be happy)

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