Happy to be in an era where opportunities are abundant, says ‘Bangalore Boys’ fame Vainidhi Jagdish- The New Indian Express

By | June 10, 2021

Express News Service

The outbreak of the second wave of Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown has pushed shooting schedules of several films. However, young talent Vainidhi Jagdish is among the few for whom social media has been a great avenue for short reel content– dances, acting, beauty tips, or anything that mirrors her current lifestyle.   

The Yaana actor, who has two projects in the pipeline, tells us that she has been on different social media platforms to stay connected. “I have always been in the habit of taking pictures with friends and family. So it’s no surprise that I love experimenting with features on social media.This lockdown I have dabbled in content creation. This has led to my collaborating with brands, with friends, and coming up with ideas to entertain people. This is done regularly because you have time on hand.

Having said that, whatever I put up on social media is from my daily life which is why I have named it #LifeofVai,” says Vainidhi. She adds, “I am finding happiness in doing this. However, I am not completely dependent on social media.” Ask Vainidhi, who comes from a film background, whether her presence on social media is an advantage in fetching the right kind of projects. “Not really. My offers are because of my first film Yaana,” says Vainidhi, adding, “There are instances when people have heard about me and then gone to check my page.I got the short film Oh Fish through Instagram, however, all the other offers are only because of my debut.” 

Next in line for the actor is Bangalore Days, a college-based love story directed by Raj Surya. She is also a part of Rathnan Prapancha, a debut venture by KRG Studios, in which she is paired opposite Pramod in Rohit Padaki’s directorial that also features Dhananjay and Reba Monica John. “I am left with the shooting of one song for both the films,” says Vanidhi, who mentions that it was a different experience playing the role of a North Karnataka girl in Rathnan Prapancha. “I had to do a lot of workshops and had to learn the Hubbali-Kannada accent before shooting. It was a 10-day schedule. My role in this film is in contrast to that in Yaana,” she says. 

Vainidhi is here to stay and is serious about making her mark in cinema. “All of my life I’ve wanted to be in front of the camera. If not the big camera, at least a phone camera. I am someone who has been watching films since childhood. Whatever happens I want to make a mark, and I am taking it very seriously and waiting for the right opportunities. I’m taking time to make good choices,” she says. Films, entrepreneurship, social service, and many other activities…Vainidhi enjoys multitasking.

“What I have understood is that you need to hustle and keep working hard. Don’t always depend on one stage to showcase your talent,” says the youngster.  For the actor, who is a part of the millennial world, cinema is not just limited to the big screen. Vainidhi is also open to showcasing her skills on different platforms.” Today the theatre screen is not the only spacewhere you get recognised. Everyone is getting an opportunity and competition is getting intense. Only the  best work speaks. I am happy to be in this era where opportunities are abundant,” she signs off.

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