From Vedas to Sanskrit grammar

The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) will soon be offering courses on vedic studies, Sanskrit grammar, Indian philosophy, Sanskrit literature and Sanskrit language to secondary and senior secondary students. These courses are part of ‘Indian knowledge tradition’ study material launched by Union Minister of Education Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ on Tuesday.

Further, NIOS has prepared 15 courses of Indian knowledge tradition such as vedas, yoga, science, vocational skills and Sanskrit language subjects in Sanskrit, Hindi and English medium. These courses are equivalent to classes 3, 5, and 8, the education ministry informed in an official statement.

These courses will be available to learners in Sanskrit and Hindi. These will also be translated into English. The education ministry is also planning to launch these subjects in major foreign languages to promote the Indian culture and knowledge tradition abroad.

Subject of vedas will covers topics such as the Ramayana epic narratives, the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, the Panini propounded Maheshwara Sutras, the Samarasa shloka sangraha, the Ekatyasastotra, the numerous Vedic hymns, the Vishnushatranama stotra, the Shikshaavalli, Brahmavalli, Bhriguvalli, Lallishatnama stotra. The yoga subject will include study of Patanjali Kritasutra, Yogasutra exercises, surya namaskars, Asanas, pranayama, yama, niyam, hatha yoga, relaxation exercises, anger management exercises, concentration and memory enhancement exercises.

In the subject of science, new concepts of modern science have also been mentioned along with topics including water, air, vegetation and land conservation in the Vedas, origin of creation, Panchamabhut, earth and natural resources.

In the Vocational skills courses various skilled methods of ancient Indian culture have been shown such as watering plants, cow rearing, cleaning of cowsheds and hygiene, garden care, sewing and harvesting, vegetable service, organic farming, navagraha forests, topics related to various skills related to daily life such as making beds, constructing biometrics for farm, use of Ayurveda in daily life, methods of cooking and serving have been included, informed the ministry.

At the launch, Pokhriyal said that these courses are in line with the New Education Policy 2020 which emphasises on “creation of a sense of pride towards Indian-ness in the learners”. He said that this course material prepared by NIOS “reflects the basic spirit of the New Education Policy and the effort that NIOS has already taken to bring Indian culture, heritage, philosophy and ancient knowledge to a new generation with modern references, will prove to be a milestone.”

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