From Disney dance to Missy Elliot, 5 YouTube workouts to crank up the fun

Who said working out has to be a slog? Add some pizzazz into your life with these uplifting workouts. 

Although getting active is crucial for our mental and physical health, it’s not always easy to find the motivation to get sweatyor to keep it up. This especially the case in lockdown, with gyms shut and pandemic-related anxieties high.

However, that’s where some fun YouTube workouts can come in to help.

Instead of worrying about calories burned or PB’s reached, you can leave the pressure at the door for these workouts and just focus on having some much-needed fun and getting your heart rate up. We’re in a pandemic after all – any physical activity is to be applauded.

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So, here’s a few non-stress workouts found from YouTube – all tested and tried by yours truly. Forget about case numbers and climate change for 20+ minutes as you head to sweat city.

We’re talking 80s aerobics, disco-funk step-touches, dance workouts to High School and Missy Elliot and happy-energy focused yoga.

Disney Dance Workout by Kyra Pro

If there’s one thing to help you forget about your worries and your woes, it’s a Disney-themed dance workout.

In this one, YouTuber Kyra Pro takes you through a quick 15-minute home workout to the sounds of Disney summer hits. It may be a brief one, but it’ll work your whole body. Just ask my burning legs and the sweat between my boobs.

It’s a good thing singing along to tunes from Moana, Frozen and High School Musical kept me distracted from the (sneaky) incorporated squats.

Missy Elliot Dance Workout by growwithjo

However, if Disney isn’t your cup of tea, this Missy Elliot’s Dance Workout by YouTuber growwithjo may just be what you need to get moving. It’ll get your booty pumping and blood flowing, all to the sounds of the American rap queen’s greatest hits.

My advice for this one is to lean into the goofiness and just have fun. It’s high energy. It’s silly and sweaty. It’ll work your gluts and be an overall good time.

Plus, it’ll take you back to shaking your booty on a dance floor at 3 am – remember those times?

Rainbow Yoga by Yoga With Adriene

This practice from our yogi saviour during the pandemic, Adriene from Yoga With Adriene, is back with one that’ll get your blood flowing and leave you feeling calmer and energised.

As she puts it, this 17-minute practice will help “to brighten your day, to help turn darkness into light.”

It’s about breathing deeply, realising tension and stress in the body and creating a happy energetic state. Sounds good to me!

Plus, my favourite part of this practice was being able to keep my trackies and socks on while I stretched out the sticky parts of my body (let’s be honest, that’s everywhere right now). After following the series of poses, my circulation had definitely increased and I felt re-energised for the day ahead. No complaints here.

Get Fit with Rick’s 3000 Steps in 23 Minutes

This workout is all about the steps – 3000 of them. But don’t let that put you off, this 23 minutes of moving with YouTuber Get Fit With Rick is fun-based. It features stepping it out, step-touching and marching on the spot. It’s low impact but – trust me – gets the sweat flowing.

All set to some quality bangers. And when I say bangers, I mean a steady soundtrack from the 70s and 80s disco funk era – which came in handy for motivation when my endurance was tested. It’s classic cardio alright.

Kathy Smith’s 80s Aerobic Workout

If you’re looking for a longer workout, this 80s aerobic workout may be the one for you. It’ll also transport you out of our pandemic-riddled era and into one of shoulder pads and bright blue eyeshadow.

The 1988 video spearheaded by fitness and wellness personality Kathy Smith takes you through a series of aerobic moves designed to burn fat. However, feel free to ignore that intent and just focus on getting some endorphins flowing – your body will do the rest.

This one will definitely get the blood pumping! Plus, the best part? No burpees.

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