Essay on Independence Day (15 August): India’s Independence Day

It’s the day when the Indian sub-continent got independence after a long battle. India only has three nationwide festivals which are celebrated by the entire nation as one. After independence, India became the biggest democracy on earth.

We fought very hard to receive our liberty from the Britishers. In this essay on Independence Day, we’re going to go over the history and significance of Independence Day.

Independence Day is one of the most significant times in the year for our nation. Each year on August 15 we celebrate the day we became an independent state, which means we were free to rule ourselves and weren’t ruled by anybody.

For hundreds of years India was ruled by the uk and our nation was a part of the British Empire. The British has taken over lots of earth and India was among its many colonies. Before they arrived, India was composed of many kingdoms.

After being dominated by them for decades, the mutual feelings toward foreign ruler actually brought the nation together. United, the people of this nation struggled to free itself from British rule for several years. To commemorate this historical occasion, we celebrate our independence on 15th August each year.

School may ask you to do a few essays on Independence Day. Here are some suggestions for essays and a little guide on how best to compose them

India before the British
Ahead of the British ruled India, we were not a unified nation but many kingdoms. Write about how India was and what we are now, comparing the two. Learn about how the kingdoms were distinct from one another and how their rule differs from how we are now.

Changes the British rule brought in India
Though the British let a number of the kingdoms continue, they needed to rule under the British and using a frequent ruler brought the nation together. Write about the differences that the British rule brought.

India during and after the British rule
Although we have many similar legislation, a lot has changed since the British ruled India. Write about how our own government differs from theirs.

Great Indian freedom fighters
India could not have gained independence with no the leadership of many terrific folks. Write about these individuals and the difference they made to history.

Role of women in India’s Freedom
Though many women have played an significant part in the battle for independence, history does not always highlight them. Research these terrific women and their deeds and write about them. Be certain that you write why you think history did not choose to remember them.

The British rulers who did great for India
Not all Britishers were bad; many grew to love India and did great things for this. Some fought for our liberty. Write about how you observe the day and compare it to your buddies’ party in an essay.

General hints for writing essays:
-Essays aren’t diaries so take care not to combine what you feel with what you know.
-Compose details, then write what you’ve removed from these facts.
-You need to always mention where a particular fact comes from, so the reader knows it is a credible source. [India’s Independence Day]

Happy Independence Day !!

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