Goenkaji was invited to give a keynote speech at the International Vesakha Recognition Ceremony held by the United Nations on the full moon day of May to commemorate the birth, enlightenment and final death of the Buddha. May 29, 2002, the Union of Myanmar and the United Nations in Sri Lanka, Cambodia He and the … Read more

How does Vipassana help with Covid-19 treatment?

Vipassana is a unique and noble form of meditation which is beneficial at any age. It has been passed down from ancient times and spread all over the world. The simplicity and effectiveness of this meditation system gives great benefits in a very short period of time. Vipassana is a technique of meditation discovered by … Read more

What is Stoicism? How do you become a Stoic in everyday life?

Stoicism is an ancient Roman philosophy that is regaining immense popularity due to its practicality. Stoicism is a school of philosophy that originates from ancient Greece and Rome in the early parts of the 3rd century, BC. According to its teachings, the path to happiness for humans is found in accepting the moment as it is, … Read more


FOUNDER HISTORY Satya Narayan Goenka, commonly known as S.N. Goenka (1924-2013) was the most recent leader of the enormous international Vipassana (insight) meditation movement, best known for their ten-day silent meditation retreats. Goenka, a businessman of Indian descent, was born in January 1924 in British Burma. In 1955 and in pursuit of finding a cure … Read more

What is Vipassana Meditation Technique ?

Vipassana (Meditation)is an antiquated manifestation system found 2500 years earlier by Buddha affects you to refine your brain using your breath for a switch. Bhavana means to cultivate, and the term is always used in reference to the brain. Vi is a prefix using a complicated set of connotations. The entire meaning of the word … Read more