Government intends to develop an upgraded variant of National Water Policy with crucial changes in government structures and regulatory frame. Building consensus among the countries within the constitutional framework is your pre-condition for producing this varies. National Water policy has been devised to regulate the preparation and development of water sources and their best use. … Read more

[Malnutrition]: Why addressing Malnutrition is important for India?

India’s Malnutrition Challenge: Our National Shame Context: In the context of the recently released Global Nutrition Report 2020, we shall analyze the status of nutrition in India. Malnutrition: It refers to deficiencies, excesses or imbalances in a person’s intake of nutrients. It includes both under and over nutrition. Malnutrition manifests itself in the form of: … Read more

[Anaysis]On Sure power: Energy Security and India’s solar strategy

Energy Security Need for Solar energy Energy Security: India energy needs is largely fulfilled by non-renewable supply of energy Environmental Sustainability: India’s large portion of energy requirement is fulfilled by renewable energy largely determined by fossil fuels that cause pollution. Solar power is a clean form of energy source, which is a substitute.India being a … Read more

What is the Privatization Of Indian Railways: What are its Pros and Cons?

Privatization Of Indian Railways The Indian Railways is among the world’s 3rd largest rail networks. Rail network is also cost-effective and accessible to all part of society as being public service. As, the private sector role in railways has been less in India, compared to sectors like ports, telecom, power, airports, and roads. But recently … Read more

What is the World Bank’s STARS project?

What is it about? STARs the project stands for Strengthening Teaching-Learning and Results for States Program (STARS). It is a project to improve the quality and administration of school education in six Indian states. Six states are-Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, and Rajasthan. Approximately 250 million understudies (between the age of 6 and … Read more

All about Assistance to Disabled persons for purchasing/fitting of aids/appliances (ADIP) scheme

About Assistance to Disabled people for buying/fitting of helps/apparatuses (ADIP) conspire First-since forever circulation of assistive guides and gadgets to Divya Gyan through virtual stage under the ADIP Scheme of M/O Social Justice and Empowerment in Firozpur, Punjab.This is the main camp being composed by the ALIMCO under DEPwD after the opening of lockdown with … Read more

What are the Amendments to the Essential Commodities Act?

Basic Commodities Act fundamentals like grains, beats, oilseeds, palatable oils, onion, and potatoes have been avoided from this Essential Commodities Act. This will wipe out feelings of trepidation of private financial specialists of superfluous administrative impedance in their business activities. The freedom to deliver, hold, move, disseminate, and flexibly will prompt the outfitting economies of … Read more