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‘Cancel Board Exams’, Student Writes Letter to PM Modi

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A class 10 student has written a letter to Prime Minister Modi on the cancelation of Board Exams 2021. While most of the boards have already canceled class 10 exams, class 12 exams are postponed across India. Siya Tayal – the student who wrote the letter said, she is “voicing concerns of lakhs of students across India”. In the letter which is being widely circulated on social media, the student says, “you are our only hope now. With a hopeful heart and trembling hands I write this to you, in search of a helping hand during these hard times”.

Academicians cite college admissions as the main criteria why class 12 exams, unlike class 10, are still being conducted. As a solution for the same, Tayal roots for internal assessment. “Schools have experience and expertise to provide the internal assessment to students. Even if they are slightly generous with making the entire average goes up so the effect during the admission process is balanced,” reads the letter.

The Mumbai-based student wrote, “In the larger scheme of life, board exams have little value. It is means to an end and not an end itself”. When teaching has been held online, holding boards in offline mode is “contradictory to measures taken for COVID,” she adds.

In the letter where she writes a list of reasons why board exams should be canceled, Tayal also shared her personal journey. “I lost my father on June 9, 2020. I know what hell that brings. I would not want anyone to experience the pain and grief me and my family members went through.”

She claims that if exams are held, students, teachers, and invigilators would expose their families to risk as well considering lakhs of students take board exams across the country. ‘If one student tests positive the entire classroom will be required to quarantine.” Letter touches upon several issues as the student highlights, “hospital beds are filling up fast” and “bank balances drying up”.

“I request you to cancel board exams across the country in 2021 so that when we students go back to school none of us are missing,” wrote the student.

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