Bridegroom volunteer distributes pensions on wedding day

A village volunteer distributed pensions to beneficiaries in his area despite getting married on Wednesday.

According to the district officials, Kota Siva, who has been working as a volunteer in Gampalagudem village of Gampalagudem mandal in Krishna district, tied the knot on Wednesday. As he was supposed to distribute pensions on the first day of every month, he decided to hand over pensions and visited the houses of the pensioners in the groom’s attire with his mobile and a fingerprint scanner and gave away the amount.

He distributed some pensions early in the morning since 4 a.m. before the marriage ceremony and some were distributed later.

Across the district, volunteers distributed ₹105.37 crore as pensions to 91.34% of the total 4.97 lakh beneficiaries in the district by 8 p.m.

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