Bengaluru: Robber files plaint against crowd for attacking him | Bengaluru News

Following complaint, police booked a case under sections 323 (voluntarily causing hurt) and 341 (wrongful restraint) against the crowd.

BENGALURU: In a bizarre twist, an armed robber lodged a police complaint alleging physical assault by passersby who tried to overpower and nab him on Richmond Road two days ago. He wants the cops to act against those who attacked him.
Ritesh Jayakumar, 18, of Domlur was caught on camera in the afternoon of September 2 while escaping after a failed robbery bid. Brandishing a knife, he had barged into a cab parked by the roadside and threatened driver Pratap Patil if he didn’t part with his mobile phone and cash. But Jayakumar’s plan did not work as Patil pushed him out of the vehicle and shouted for help. A few passersby and motorists rushed to Patil’s aid and attempted to nab Jayakumar. However, in the melee, the thief tried to slash the people with his knife.
When he turned aggressive, the crowd landed him a few blows. One motorist, in fact, grabbed Jayakumar’s arm and another hit him with a helmet and a log. Yet, Jayakumar escaped by taking advantage of the traffic snarl on the road. Following this, Patil lodged a police complaint on the robbery attempt. “We tracked the injured robber and booked him under under IPC sections 393 (attempt to commit robbery) and 398 (attempt to commit robbery or dacoity when armed with deadly weapon),” a police officer said.
But in his counter-complaint to cops, Jayakumar reportedly said: “I tried to rob a cabbie who was sitting in his vehicle in Richmond Town around 4pm by threatening him at knife-point. I wanted to snatch his mobile and wallet. But he escaped and shouted for help. Hearing his screams, 30-40 men surrounded and beat me up. I sustained injuries on my head, lips, hands and legs. I seek legal action against unknown persons for attacking and beating me.” Following his complaint, police booked a case under sections 323 (voluntarily causing hurt) and 341 (wrongful restraint) against the crowd.
When questions were raised as to how cops could book a case against those who risked their lives to catch an armed robber, an officer said: “It is the duty of police to register an FIR when a complaint is filed. We seek public cooperation in catching miscreants, but we also request people not to take law in their hands by beating up suspects.”


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