[Preparation Strategy] APPSC Group 1 Important books and 2020 Mains paper analysis

The Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) is responsible for recruiting candidates for various posts in the Andhra Pradesh government departments. The APPSC Group 1 Exam is conducted by the commission for candidates who are looking to join the APPSC Group 1. Candidates need to have good guidance and, more importantly, good books to clear the exams with high marks. The exam is conducted in three stages

Preliminary/screening exam (objective type)

Main exam (descriptive)

 Personal interview

All the APPSC Group 1 books mentioned in the article will help candidates secure a post in APPSC Group 1, for posts such as Deputy Collectors in A.P Civil Service (Executive Branch), Assistant Commissioner, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Deputy Superintendent of Jail, District Fire Officers, Asst. Treasury Officer/Assistant Accounts Officer, Regional Transport Officer, Assistant Probation and Excise Superintendent, Mandal Parishad Development Officer, District Registrar, District Employment Officer, Deputy Registrars, District Tribal Welfare Officer, District Social Welfare official, District B.C Welfare Official, District Panchayat Officers, Municipal Commissioner Grade-II, Administrative Officer/Lay Secretary & Treasurer Grade-II and Assistant Officer.   

As we have seen in December 2020 mains, APPSC has changed the  pattern for mains, here are few observations

Answer sheet booklet  has a barcode on every page and instruction are given at the back of the first page (like rounding off question numbers, underling  etc..)

Question paper will be provided to the candidates via tab, 10 minutes before the exam  a password will be shared to  the candidates through which candidates  can log  in and access  the question paper

Options like zoom in , zoom out,  are available

Nature of Questions

Overall there was a shift from earlier pattern of questions, 2020 APPSC  mains has many sub-parts in each question and this made candidates to stretch their potential to the maximum. As  there are new subjects like Governance, Ethics, Public Administration writing every question and sub question became a challenging task.

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Books to prepare

There are plethora of books available with colourful designs, but one should  be pragmatic in choosing right books whatever be the length of your  preparation. Some books that can aid in this preparation  

Geography: Ncert class 11-12(highly recommended)
Economy: Ncert class 11-12 after reading this, go for any material available in the market either Ramesh Singh/Sanjeev Verma economy or Sriram’s economy.
Remember: only one book, do revise as many times as you can, retain in your big supercomputer(brain) & update yourself with current affairs (mostly Prelims bits will be from Current affairs only !!
Polity: one-stop destination —> Lakshmi Kanth(l. K) (now 6 edition is available) if you are not comfortable first read class 11 political science Ncert (short one …gives you brief idea later start with (l.K)
Ancient India: Rs Sharma class 9, 10,11
Modern India: Ncerts are best (6-9) /or you can read spectrum
Medival: Ncert /or any material you trust in the market
Bifurcation : No confusion ..Read only Ap reorganisation Act , Gazette . And solve More bits.
History of Ap: Telugu Academy textbooks are preferable/state text/P.R, Rao
The economy of Ap: read current issues and More importantly supplement with. ECONOMIC SURVEY.

Ethics: Prepare basic terminology notes from any book in the market

Governance and Public Administration: Stick to the syllabus mentioned, check the materials available in the market, read and prepare notes accordingly.

All the best

Credit : https://www.quora.com/What-are-some-of-the-very-good-books-for-APPSC-Group-1-exam

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