APPSC/UPSC daily answer writing initiative

There are a plethora of books available for APPSC/UPSC all over the market, either printed or e-books, but gaining knowledge is not just enough to clear exams like UPSC or APPSC where the presentation of answers through descriptive mode plays a crucial role to get into the interview list.

There are numerous websites for UPSC answer writing, but there is no dedicated website that focuses on balancing both APPSC and UPSC in terms of answer writing.

What can you expect from this initiative?

Daily answer writing practice on Static and current affairs of the given syllabus of APPSC which is in common with UPSC.

Guaranteed feedback for the written answers as only a few will write on daily basis and these are the people who will CLEAR THE MAINS CUTOFF effortlessly and make it into the interview list!

This initiative will be helpful for all categories of aspirants who are starting afresh, mains wrote as it helps to build perspectives and presentation skills of others. It might be flowchart, pie chart, bar-graph, statistics that presented in an answer, reports, committees, or any kind of technical jargon related to concerned subject

Earlypost360 is designed uniquely to search the news content ( related to GS paper 1,2,3,4,5 including essays) within the site so that one need not do relentless browsing on google, keep the keyword on the search bar and the work is done.

Articles related to GS paper 1

Articles related to GS paper 2

Articles related to GS paper 3

Articles related to GS paper 4 and 5

These subcategories can help to understand the issues and can aid in better structuring of answers backing with facts, reports, recent current events, issues, opinions, debates. Subsequently, we can write balanced view points avoiding subjectivity and extreme viewpoints.

The number of question will increase depending upon the participation

for today these are the questions :click here

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