All about Assistance to Disabled persons for purchasing/fitting of aids/appliances (ADIP) scheme

About Assistance to Disabled people for buying/fitting of helps/apparatuses (ADIP) conspire

First-since forever circulation of assistive guides and gadgets to Divya Gyan through virtual stage under the ADIP Scheme of M/O Social Justice and Empowerment in Firozpur, Punjab.This is the main camp being composed by the ALIMCO under DEPwD after the opening of lockdown with the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) endorsed by the Government of India.

About the ADIP Scheme-the Assistance to Disabled people for buying/fitting of helps/apparatuses (ADIP) conspire:

Being executed by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.

Objective: to help the penniless debilitated people in acquiring strong, refined and experimentally fabricated, present day, standard guides and machines that can advance their physical, social and mental restoration, by decreasing the results of handicaps and improve their monetary potential.

Usage: The plan is performed through actualizing offices, for example, NGOs, National Institutes under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, and ALIMCO (a PSU that fabricates counterfeit appendages)


An individual fulfilling all the accompanying conditions are qualified:

Indian resident of all ages

Has 40% handicap or increasingly (must have the imperative authentication)

Month to month pay, not more than Rs.20000.

On account of wards, the pay of guardians/watchmen ought not surpass Rs.20000 every month.

Must not have gotten help during the most recent 3 years for a similar reason from any source. By and by, for kids underneath 12years old enough, this cutoff would be one year.

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