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By | June 11, 2021

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 The Covid-induced lockdown has given a break to actor Megha Shetty, who has been juggling between working in her popular serial, Jothe Jotheyalli, and also her debut film, Tribble Riding. The actor, who has not been shooting since April 19, hopes to be back soon to entertain the audience. “The situation is such that everyone is bound to stay at home because it is a matter of health. Of course I miss being on the sets, which has always been my second home.

Megha Shetty

However, right now, we need to follow the rules,” she says. Megha, who is left with one song to shoot for Tribble Riding, shares the first-hand experience of working in her first film, and opposite Ganesh. “It is a very different experience working for a film, and fortunately, I got to work with a great team — including Ganesh and director Mahesh Gowda,” she says. Tribble Riding, she says, is a mix of comedy, action, and emotions, and is a total family entertainer.

For an actor who brings her expertise of working in a serial, was it a cakewalk to play the role for the big screen? “Yes, working in a serial like Jothe Jotheyalli has led me to perform well in my debut film.

In serials, we shoot one episode consisting of 10 to 12 scenes. In cinema, it is just the opposite. I shot one or two scenes per day, or sometimes it was just limited to expression. So there was ample time and scope to improvise our performance,” she says. Megha is not particular.

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