A classical twist to your daily workout playlist- The New Indian Express

By Express News Service

HYDERABAD : Wouldn’t it be refreshing to take a break from hip-hop or rock playlists, and try on some Indian pop for your everyday fitness regimen? Here’s a tailor-made album that brings the best of traditional and contemporary music. 

Now, you can warm up with Hamsadhwani and cool down with Kamaas. Run with SA, a 36-minute playlist curated and composed by vainika Jayanthi Kumaresh and violin maestro Kumaresh, is a delight to the ears. This project, if anything, is an extension of the many creative collaborations the duo is celebrated for in the music circle.

The album is designed for your everyday workouts, runs, walks and the like, and is intended to help you use music for fitness. The word SA in the album denotes the first tonic note that serves as an anchor in Indian music. It symbolically indicates the tuning of the mind, body and soul to one single note. 

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