1 year after gaining 5kg of muscle, Candice Warner is still training SAS style

When Candice Warner trained for SAS Australia, she gained an insane amount of strength. Now, one year on, she’s kept up her training. 

When former Ironwoman Candice Warner did a physical test for the grueling show SAS Australia, she could “barely do a pull-up”. She’d just given birth to her third child, Isla Rose, and had lost much of her physical strength.

Warner was put through her paces in preparation for the show, which focused on both upper and lower body strength, endurance, and muscle conditioning.

“There were programmed sessions and weeks in the preparation where I wanted her fatigued, sore and exhausted,” her trainer Kevin Toonen previously told Body+Soul.

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Carrying a heavy backpack—around 20kg—over long distances and hilly terrain, not to mention a range of cardio work to build up her endurance.

Famously, this elite athlete put on 5kg of muscle and went from a size 10 to a 6 and felt stronger than ever. Fast forward one year and Warner has maintained this rigorous training schedule, though it’s not quite as intense as before.

“I’ve kept the training up because I love it and grew so much as a person and as an athlete last year,” she tells Body+Soul.

“I have probably dropped the intensity slightly, but I still do some of the same workouts… It’s something I love to do and need to do.”

Warner loves pull-ups, frequently challenging herself to see how many she can do. Boxing is a new passion which she does once a week in addition to two to three weights sessions and runs or walks in between. Then there are the exercises Warner isn’t so fond of, like push-ups—“I dislike push-ups with a passion. I did thousands of them in the lead up to SAS and I really dread them,”—but for this busy mum-of-three, working out for is the ultimate act of self-care. An hour a day is all she needs, but it’s important she doesn’t exhaust herself too much.

“Getting active gives me the opportunity to clear my head and put my phone down for an hour,” she says.

“I always feel like I’m a better person, mum and wife after I give myself some time… It’s still vital that I have the energy to be mum.”

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